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Blogger is a service by Google that allows you to create and manage free Blogspot blogs easily. You can create a new blogspot blog after sign in to Blogger using a Google account. If you don't have

Tools to Search Blogger Profiles using profile search engine and Blogger Profile Browser

Blogspot blogs created on Blogger can be used to make a decent amount of recurring side income that has helped a lot of bloggers to earn money by blogging. Blogger blogs can earn money using advert

Once you have created a blog and published your first blog post, the next step is to get readers and views to your blog. Getting your blog discovered and seen by blog readers is a skill that is dev

You can create your first blog in minutes by signing in at using your existing google account. Blogs posts are published using Blogger's create new post feature that can be used to styl

Internet was created in 1990 by CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee and became free to use by everyone in 1993. The free internet meant that anyone can publish documents and make them publicly  acc

Creating a blog is the easy part of blogging . The difficult part is to maintain a blog with consistency and coming up with new posts regularly. Some bloggers choose to post only about a specific t

Blogging is like writing a journal online and sharing it with the world so everyone can read your thoughts and experiences. In one way or another you have been already blogging especially if you us

Don't look at the count of words as you are writing a blog post , infact don't even think about it . The more you focus on increasing the word count of your blog post , more likely it is that you w

Getting more people to read your blog can be challenging especially if your blog is relatively new . One of the challenges faced by new and old bloggers is maintaining consistency in blogging when

Naming a blog can be a tricky thing as the name you originally chose for your blog might not make sense when you look at it after a few days , although naming your blog should be done carefully in

It's quite normal to have a little confusion about whether it's called Blogger or Blogspot because this blogging platform is accessed at domain whereas your blogs are hosted on blogspot

I was trying to fix the footer of my blog to the bottom of the page even when there is less content. What usually happens is , if there is less content on the page then , the footer is moved up and

Question : How do I make it easy for people to follow my blogs because at the moment it is practically impossible.

More than 90% of new blogs fail to get significant success in terms of traffic and monetization . The dilemma is that its very difficult to focus on writing great quality content for blog when you

The most important factor to make any blog successful is quality content . Without quality content on your blog , you will never be able to get high traffic from search engines. Following are the g

Pagerank is a measure used by Google to show quality results in Google Search. Sites with higher page ranks tend to get top positions in search results.

To increase pagerank of your blogspot

Generally speaking all search engines honour robots.txt file and follow the commands provided by this file . Whenever a search engine bot visits your site it always takes a look at site's robots.tx

Adding no follow tag to external links is always a good idea for any blog as it prevents search engine bots to follow external links that may not be relevant to your content. For example search eng

How to remove blog title from post page title in search results