7 ways to increase blogspot blog traffic

Once you have created a blog and published your first blog post, the next step is to get readers and views to your blog. Getting your blog discovered and seen by blog readers is a skill that is developed over time by learning about how search works and what kind of content gets more views for a specific audience. In general, the blogs that provide valuable and comprehensive content in their blog posts have more authority and get recommended by people and search engines alike. There are some things that you can do to make a blog search engine friendly so that it ranks higher in search results. These include optimizing a blog for search engines like increasing page speed, using relevant keywords in post titles and content. Generally, any content that is well written, comprehensive, and provides value to readers would rank better in search results. Consistency is another factor that helps increase exposure by giving people a reason to return to your blog. Good content that people would share with their social media followers also brings more views from social shares.

  1. Write useful blog posts that provide all the information related to the topic.
  2. Make titles descriptive and use prominent keywords that will help in the discovery of your blog.
  3. Write shareable content to get more social media shares and increase blog views.
  4. Find what people search on the internet and write more about things that people want to read about online.
  5. Use interesting and relevant images in your blog posts with interesting captions that include the main keywords.
  6. Optimize your blog theme to be mobile friendly and also learn search engine optimization.
  7. Get other bloggers to link to your blog posts. If you write a great and useful blog, then other bloggers will want to link your content in their blog posts.