Blogger Profile Browsing

Google Blogger has a feature called "profile browsing" that can be used to find people, that use Blogspot, and blogs to read on Blogger. You can refine your search for bloggers based on interests, favourite music, movies, books, and industry or occupation of blogger. The search tools below are made to find specific blogger profiles easily.

Blogger Profiles by Interests

To use this feature, login to your blogger account and navigate to your Blogger profile. Once you are on your Blogspot profile page, you can click on any one of your interests to see a list of bloggers with same interest as you.

If you haven't added any interests to your blogger profile, then you can browse blogger profiles by manually going to the profile finder url. For Example, if you go to the following URL, you will see a list of Blogspot blogger with 'Blogging' as interest.

  • Interests:
  • You can replace the interest with any other topic to find bloggers that are interested in that specific topic. Remember, you will only see a list of bloggers that have public profiles and have updated information on their Blogger account. You will also see a list of all the blogs created by that user, this is a good way to discover new blogs by anyone.

    Bloggers with Favorite Movies, Music and Books

    You can also find people with Blogspot blogs based on their interest in Movies, books or music. Select the one of the three options in the search tool , and enter the keyword to find Blogger profiles.

    If you don't want to use the profile search tool to find bloggers, then you can manually use profile browser by using the following links. Just replace the name value at the end of URL with your keyword.

    • Favorite Movies:
    • Favorite Music:
    • Favorite Books:

    Find Blogger Profiles by Industry and Occupation

    If a blogger has specified their professional information in their profile, then you can search their profile in Blogger profile browser using their occupation and industry. Use the Search tool below to find bloggers using their job or industry.

    You can lookup user profiles based on Industry and Occupation manually by using the links below, replace the bold keywords with your relevant search term.

    • Industry: _HERE
    • Occupation: