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Blogger is a blogging platform by Google to create free blogs on Blogspot. Blogspot blogs are created using Google's Blogger service and available on blogspot.com. Blogspot is a popular choice for beginners to start blogging because of its simplicity. Blogspot is free for bloggers worldwide that publish millions of blogs in all languages using Blogger. This Blogspot search engine is used to find Blogspot blogs and discover bloggers. It is also a tool for the Blogger community to connect with other bloggers and grow their audience. Blogs published on the Blogger platform are available to search using our Blogspot Search Engine.

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Blogger is a service by Google that allows you to create and manage free Blogspot blogs easily. You can create a new blogspot blog after sign in to Blogger using a Google account. If you don't have

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You can create your first blog in minutes by signing in at blogger.com using your existing google account. Blogs posts are published using Blogger's create new post feature that can be used to styl