30 Day Blog Challenge For New Bloggers

Getting more people to read your blog can be challenging especially if your blog is relatively new . One of the challenges faced by new and old bloggers is maintaining consistency in blogging when you are not getting enough visitors to your blog. After all , we all ( with the exception of a few) blog so people would read everything we write , you can't spread your knowledge or ideas if nobody is listening.

The problem with new blogs is that there is not enough content for blogs to get visitors from search engines like Google and this sometimes discourages new bloggers from continuing to blog . But if you can survive in this tougher period of your blog's life only then your blog can reach bigger audience .

Regardless, to make any blog successful you have to blog regularly and this can be challenging considering we aren't always in our writing mode or the secret bag of post ideas is lost in the abyss leaving us staring blank on our computer screen. Anyway , getting back to the topic , i used to blog regularly few years ago and now i thought i should get back to blogging but i am facing some difficulty coming up with new blog ideas and also writing everyday is a bit difficult .

 It's like when you didn't do any physical movement in years and one day you had to run because some dog was chasing you , you will feel the pain in your body for days because your body isn't used to do anything. I don't know if this example makes any sense or not but take it for what it is . Writing blogs is something like this , you have to practice writing and once you get in the flow of writing regularly only then you will create great posts that people will love reading .

So , to overcome my blogger's block (as in writer's block) i thought why not challenge myself to writing something everyday for 30 days . This might help me develop the long lost habit of writing regularly and also may help this blog grow a little more. I also invite you to challenge yourself with the same and let's see how it helps you.

Like any challenge , there should be some rules for this 30 day daily blog challenge to keep us from wandering off to binge watching Netflix . You can create your own rules for this but you have to write and publish a post every single day for a month . Here are some of the rules and suggestions that i'd like to recommend :


  1. Writing a blog post every single day without any breaks.
  2. Write only original content , no copying from other places on internet.
  3. Seriously  follow rule 1 and rule 2 again -.-
  4. You can write about any topic you like but i'd like to recommend that you choose a topic relevant to your blog and only write about that , this way it will significantly help your blog .
  5. I think we should also define a limit of minimum words that each post should follow , Something like 500 words but it's totally up to you as you are your own judge for this challenge. 
  6. I encourage you to create your own rules for this challenge and remember to not set any impossible to achieve rules , keep it easy and simple .

I will be posting on this blog as part of my 30 day blog challenge starting today , I hope i don't fail myself . Also , i will share the results of my experience during this challenge and i'd suggest you to do the same as it will help your readers and also you personally . Also , to keep myself accountable i will be adding the list of posts i publish each day below , Just to make sure that i don't forget that i gave me this challenge.