Fashion Blogging is one of the best options for people who are interested in fashion and lets be honest every one wants to be updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry . Majority of you would have some kind of fashion sense so its not really hard to use this skill into something more productive  , like making a fashion blog, and even make money from just the thing you love i.e Fashion .

Starting a fashion blog without money is the easy part and i will tell you different ways to start fashion blogging on different platforms . But let me ,first, give you some basic guideline about what you will need to become a fashion blogger

What You Need To Become A Fashion Blogger:

I won't say money , you don't need any money to become a blogger , you can start your fashion blog for free but what you will really need is to have knowledge about fashion industry . You might have an excellent fashion choice for yourself and people around you , though the most important skill , but you will also need to have a knowledge about the fashion choices of other people in the fashion industry . So for that you will need to be active on fashion design sites, by active i mean you will have to do your own research on latest trends in fashion industry

That's pretty much everything you need to start your own fashion website.Now as for the ways to start a fashion blog , you have many options and you can choose whichever suits you best.

Start Fashion Blog On Blogspot / WordPress / Tumblr :

All three platforms mentioned above can be used to start any blog without any cost .

-Blogspot being most customizable and completely cost free. One of the best choice to start free fashion blogging

-On wordpress you have some limitations on custom designs , so if you are not into custom designs for your blog , you can choose from a lot of available templates to design your website. The good this about wordpress is that it looks  good .

-Tumblr is also like wordpress but you have better chance of getting more followers on tumblr as compared to wordpress. Negative side is that your content will be shared on many other blogs so you might not get direct hits to your own site.

Start Fashion Blogging On Pinterest :

Pinterest is an image board site where you can share images . So you can use it to share images and web links about fashion . Create a board  about Fashion and start uploading cool images . The down side to this option to get into fashion industry is that you won't have the option to write your own opinions . I would suggest you use Pinterest in combination with other ways to promote your content by sharing links to your fashion blog.

Start Fashion Blogging On Instagram and Flickr

Instagram and Flickr are the best way out there to get quick followers . Just upload Images about fashion , write some short opinion and you have a fashion blog that will get bigger as you get more followers. If you start a fashion blog on Instagram or Flickr then you will have to focus on producing better images related to fashion industry .

Hope you now know how you can start a fashion blog without any cost . Don't waste time , follow your dream , what's the worst that can happen ?