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Make It Easy For People To Follow Your Blogspot blog

Question : How do I make it easy for people to follow my blogs because at the moment it is practically impossible.

Getting followers on your blog is an important part of long term success of any blog and it is always wise to allow people easy ways to subscribe / follow your blog . On blogspot there are two primary ways make it easy for people to follow your blog  namely social media and email.

Blogspot Gadgets To Get Followers

In your template layout you can add following gadgets to quickly allow people to subscribe to your blog in various ways .

Follow by Email allows people to subscribe to posts . This way they are notified every time you publish a post.
Subscription links are also an option if your followers are feed readers . 

Facebook and Twitter:

You can add a link to your Facebook or Twitter profile and ask people to follow your blog on these social networks. I suggest making a separate Facebook page for your blog add a like page gadget to your blog .