6 Easy Steps to Start a Blogspot Blog

You can create your first blog in minutes by signing in at blogger.com using your existing google account. Blogs posts are published using Blogger's create new post feature that can be used to stylized blog posts that include text, links, images, video, and other forms of media. Blogspot is especially popular among beginner bloggers that want to start their first blog without paying money for any features. Blogspot blogs are can be customized and even monetized to earn money from blogging. Blogspot blogs can be started for free easily using the Blogger platform using your Google account. Just follow the steps below to create a blog and start blogging.Go to www.blogger.com and login to get started with making your first Blogspot blog on the Blogger publishing platform.

Choose a name for the blog that can be anything you want but it’s better to name your blog something related to what you want to share on your blog.

Choose a URL of the blog once you have chosen a blog name. You have to select a blogspot.com web address for your blog, If the blog URL you choose is not available, try changing it until you find an available blog web address.

Select a style for the blog by simply clicking on the template you like the best for a list of themes provided by Blogger. The style of the blog can be changed later at any time.

Finish and start blogging after selecting the theme for blog, you just click next and your blog is now ready for you to start publishing blog posts.

Write and publish your first post by going to the dashboard at blogger.com and click ‘New Post’ to create a new blog post. You will see an editor where you can write and curate your blog posts. Once you are done, just hit publish to make the post public and see the post on your Blogspot blog.