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Creating a Blog is the Easy Part of Blogging

Creating a blog is the easy part of blogging . The difficult part is to maintain a blog with consistency and coming up with new posts regularly. Some bloggers choose to post only about a specific topic on their blog while some don't limit themselves and write about anything that interests them . Both approaches work in different situations.

My recommendation would be to start by creating a personal blog where you post about topics that you are passionate about and also have some knowledge. Keep this blog as your base of operations , write about your life , interesting topics or anything that catches your interests . This kind of personal blog will help you in learning some of the basics of blogging and also grow your base audience. You will understand what works and what doesn't work for you.

Once you have a primary blog setup , you can experiment with creating new blogs centered around a specific topic. Such blogs are called niche blogs or can also be micro-niche blogs. The advantage of niche blogging is that if your entire blog is about only one topic (let's say photography ) then it's easier to attaract audience that is interested in that specific topic and your blog will be seen as an authority site in that niche. This also helps your posts rank better in search engines that are a major source of visitors to your blog site.

Regardless of what approach you use to start your first blog , it always takes times for your blog to be discovered by people and search engines , so you might not see much views in the first few months of your blogging . The key thing here is to keep on blogging and eventually your will get the results.

The initial objectives for new bloggers should be just to provide valuable content that isn't available anywhere on the internet while learning yourself.Don't be afraid to experiment different things on your blog as that's the best way to learn new and exciting things and don't overthink about getting views to your blog .